Customize your idea with your budget to find a deal

We welcome any of your ideas to build a concept and a process to determine the amount of the price in accordance with the concept you want to find a mutual agreement.


Web and mobile application development

This process which we have started working on the development of web and mobile application. in this process we always give any developments that already we do through daily reports. You can give an opinion on the report we made. during the walk we are always there to achieve the objective of a communication perfectly. Our code will provide fully if the payment already paid off and has no more constraints on web and mobile applications.


Maintenance Web and Mobile Application

In this maintenance phase we provide free of charge for 6 months as long as you do not change the concept or adding new features. If you want to change the concept and adding new features will be at an additional charge in accordance with the agreement.

Our Team Skill

Trigo Studio is Web and Mobile Application Development Company. Trigo Studio is an agile Ruby on Rails and PHP that provide solutions for Web Development, Web Design and Mobile Development. We practice agile methodology and use cutting edge technology in our development process. We possess IT Industry of experience in PHP, Ruby on Rails to Build Websites, e-Commerce, SEO Tools, Social Networking Sites, Dating Sites and Web Applications.

Our clients are spread around the world. Client’s satisfaction is one of our achievements, build applications according to the needs and desires of the client is our target. We develop creative and innovative ideas from the clients, making it not only becomes a big idea, but into something that can be enjoyed by users.

We are ready to give 100% support from Planning, Specification, Wireframe, Development Coding, Testing until Launch and Maintain. With hourly price, you can have flexibility to add or remove some features when development process running and get access to contact our developers directly through skype or google Hangout when the development process starts while with fixed price you will only have acess to contact our IT consultant to discuss the project that you want and make sure that everything is settle for the detail requirements before development starts, because you will not have flexibility to change when the development process running.

I hope we can work together for the project, and I promise you will only have the best from us once we get hire.

Team Work

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